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Home Water Coolers

home water coolers - healthy refreshing mineral water at home

The most competitive prices in the Water Industry:

Free Water Cooler Rental

Free Trial includes
one 18.9 litres spring water Bottle,
one Sleeve of Cups and
one Water Cooler for 14 days.

Pure spring water,
a pure drinking pleasure!

water cooler free trial : fresh cold water glass with lemon slices
Cool clear water competitive prices - woman with bottle of water

Home Water Coolers in Silver Grey

We will beat or match any quote for equivalent products or service. Contact us for further information enquiry form

Our clients tell us we are cheaper than other suppliers !!!

Cool Clear Water, £1 only for water delivery to your home or home office

Yearly rental costs

Free Yearly

DELIVERIES @ £1 only per delivery

£1 only

spring water 18.9 litres bottle

£ 6.00 only

Maintenance: coolers need to be cleaned on a regular basis by professionals, sanitisation includes 4 visits throughout the year in order to clean and service your machine internally as per Health and Safety recommendations.

£ 1.54 per Week

(£80 Yearly)

Insurance: Full liability insurance against damage, fire and theft (insurance in not applicable if you own the water cooler)

£ 0.77 per Week

(£40 yearly)

Optional Extras :

Disposable Cups
(£17.50 per 1000)

disposable plastic cups for a water cooler

Cup dispensers (£10.00)

plastic cups dispenser for a water cooler

Water at work - executive with glass of mineral water
All prices subject to vat

If you can't see what you are looking for, call us, we can help! TEL: 0845 6444 554

natural mineral water delivery with a smile!

We will deliver spring water within 24-48 hours of receiving your order, we can deliver on timed / scheduled deliveries or on demand. All vehicles are clearly marked in our livery. The water is bottled and on your door step within 48 hours so nice and fresh for your enjoyment,

A pure pleasure.

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water cooler bottle racks also available

water  cooler and bottled water delivery map

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